About Hilltop Alliance


Hilltop Alliance is a nonprofit community and economic development organization that represents 11 south Pittsburgh neighborhoods and Mt. Oliver Borough. Dedicated to preserving and creating assets in the Hilltop community through collaboration and coordination of resources, Hilltop Alliance oversees numerous initiatives aimed at strengthening the Hilltop communities and stimulating reinvestment.


hilltop alliance & hilltop urban farm

Reinvestment in community is our guiding principle. In 2013, Hilltop Alliance worked closely with community-based member organizations, the Mt. Oliver – St. Clair Community Group and Lighthouse Cathedral, to ensure that the ideation and planning of Hilltop Urban Farm aligned with the goals of the St. Clair and Mt. Oliver communities. Over the last five years, Hilltop Alliance has continued to work closely with members of the community, ensuring that they are given the resources and information to envision the benefits of reinvestment. As Hilltop Urban Farm continues in its development phase, community reinvestment remains at our core. Our ultimate goal for Hilltop Urban Farm is that it will operate independently and serve as a dynamic resource for the community that surrounds the site.