Growing Food & Growing Farmers


The purpose of Hilltop Urban Farm can be characterized by one word: growth. Growth by design. Growth by education. And growth by community engagement.

We seek to grow farmers of all ages who share in the task of growing food. Our school-based programs engage children with the hands-on practice of agriculture, while our adult-focused workforce training programs provide the tools, education and resources needed for new farmers to successfully operate an urban farm. By growing farmers both short and tall, we aim to transform underutilized land into an agriculturally and economically vibrant resource, one that actively engages the community it serves.

Our farming practices are rooted in the principles of permaculture and organic farming. A system of intelligent design, permaculture integrates land, resources, people and the environment through mutually beneficial synergies that reflect those seen in diverse natural systems. Hilltop Urban Farm regenerates urban soils through regenerative agriculture practices and permaculture designs.

The result: we are growing food where there is none.