Production orchard

Hilltop Urban Farm planted the largest orchard in the City of Pittsburgh on May 4th, 2019. The one-acre orchard features 175 fruit and nut trees, including Apricot, Elderberry, Apple, Hazelnut, Cherry, Peach, Pear, Asian Pear, Nectarine, and Fig. The orchard planting was a partnership with The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation and Plant Five for Life. Within the orchard, Hilltop Urban Farm has planted 52 cider trees in partnership with Threadbare Cider House, a local cider house and meadery in Pittsburgh’s Spring Garden neighborhood.

youth farm orchard

In May 2018, Hilltop Urban Farm planted 47 fruit trees to establish the Youth Farm orchard. In September 2018, Hilltop Urban Farm planted 20 restoration chestnut trees with the support of the American Chestnut Planting Foundation and Penn State University College of Agricultural Sciences.

Hilltop Urban Farm expects fruit and nuts to be available for purchase by the 2021 growing season, as trees grow and mature. Fruit and nuts will be sold at the on-site and mobile Farmer’s Market, and will be available for purchase through wholesale outlets in the Pittsburgh area.