Youth Farm


2019 Summer Camps

**Camp Eligibility**

Students must be residents of the 11 Hilltop communities (Mt. Oliver City, St. Clair, Arlington Arlington Heights, Mt Oliver Borough, Carrick, Allentown, South Side Slopes, Knoxville, Beltzhoover, Mt Washington, Bon Air), or attend Pittsburgh Arlington PreK-8 School, Lighthouse Cathedral or New Academy Charter School to register for summer camp.

Camp Logistics: *Camps are half-day.*

8:30 AM: Camper Arrival Time

9:00 AM to 11:45 AM: Programs & Workshops

11:45 AM to 12:00 PM: Camper Pick Up Time

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Sprouts Camp: PreK and Kindergarten

July 1 to July 3

The Sprouts Camp is for sprouting farmers. Children will be involved in plant care, nature walks, and simple farm cooking activities. Sprouts will discover new things in nature and develop a connection to food and farming. Through cooking activities, lessons, games, and stories sprouts will learn how a farm works. Most of all, these sprouts will have fun in nature!

Featuring: Allegheny Land Trust, Power Up, DECO Resources

Seedlings Camp: 1st grade to 3rd grade

July 8 to July 10

The Seedlings Camp will teach kids what it is like to be a farmer in a fun and relaxed setting. Through farm chores, games, cooking, making crafts and doing science activities youth will cultivate a connection to the farm, the environment, and food. This hands-on camp will allow kids to get their hands dirty while deepening their connection to the land that benefits all of us. 

Featuring: Allegheny Land Trust, Power Up, DECO Resources

Farm Kids Camp: 4th grade and 5th grade

July 15 to July 17

The Farm Kids Camp serves kids from grades 4 & 5 and teaches them the basics of being a farmer in a fun and relaxed setting. Through farm chores, games, cooking food harvested from the farm, crafts and science activities they will learn where their food comes. In addition, youth will learn about the ecology of Western Pennsylvania and sustainable systems, such as solar panels, rainwater harvesting, and composting. The kids will be encouraged to dig in and get dirty for this fun, three-day camp.

Featuring: Allegheny Land Trust, Power Up, DECO Resources

Young Farmers Camp: 6th grade to 8th grade

July 22 to July 24

The Young Farmers Camp is for students in grades 6 through 8. These young farmers will plant, harvest and eat the produce that they help to grow. They will learn about healthy snack preparation in nutrition classes. Math and Science workshops will allow youth to explore what is needed to successfully be a farmer. Youth farmers will gain an entrepreneurial foundation for success by meeting adult farmers. These youth will learn all of this and more in a fun way!

Featuring: Allegheny Land Trust, Power Up, DECO Resources

2019 Summer Camp FAQ


Who is eligible for Hilltop Urban Farm Summer Camps?

Youth residents of Mt Oliver City, St Clair, Arlington, Arlington Heights, Mt. Oliver Borough, Carrick, Allentown, South Side Slopes, Knoxville, Beltzhoover, Mt Washington, and Bon Air.

Also, any youth attending Arlington K-8 School, Lighthouse Cathedral and New Academy Charter School are also eligible for Summer Camps. Any student from pre-k through 8th grade is eligible, including those who have completed 8th grade or are rising 8th graders.

How many students can enroll in each camp?

Each camp can have a maximum of 20 students registered. Once this maximum is reached, registration will be closed. Parents or guardians can email to be placed on the waiting list.

What happens if it rains?

We will move the youth indoors in case of a rain event. There are indoor activities, including painting and reading to get us through a storm.

What will my child learn at camp?

Your child will learn what it is like to be a real farmer. They will learn how to grow and care for fruits and vegetables, learn about sustainable systems on the farm and their local ecology. Nutrition education and cooking workshops will be a part of each camp. Camps are tailored to each age group so workshops are age appropriate.

What should my child wear to camp and what can they bring with them?

Your child should wear closed toed shoes, pants/shorts, or a t-shirt that they don’t mind getting dirty. We recommend a sun hat and sunscreen as there is limited shade on site. Youth should bring a water bottle. We will provide all snacks to limit the chances of allergic reactions.

My child has allergies.

Campers are required to disclose any allergies. There are beehives on site. Please let us know if your camper is allergic to bees or carries an EpiPen.

Why is the gate locked to the farm during camp?

We are required to keep our gates closed and locked at all times by the landowner. Keeping the gates locked will keep our campers safe. No one without child clearances will be allowed on to the farm during the camp times.

Why is the camp only half day?

Being out in the sun is hard work. There is a limited amount of shade on site so camps are hosted during the cooler hours of the morning.

Where and when will I drop my camper off?

The farm is located at 700 Cresswell St, Pittsburgh, PA 15210. Campers can be dropped off the “Hilltop Urban Farm” gate and picked up at the same location for each day of camp. Campers will be greeted by farm staff at the gate every morning and will be led to the gate at the end of each camp day. Drop off time is 8:30 AM and Pick-up time is 12:00 PM every day of camp. Please be punctual.

Family members will be invited up to see the Youth Farm on the final day of camp. Please arrive on Wednesday at Noon for this opportunity.

Will there be food at camp?

Snacks will be provided. Hilltop Urban Farm will not provide breakfast or lunch. Within camp, students will be taught to make simple snacks and meals using the farm produce that they help to grow.

Who is staffing the camp?

Youth Farm Program Manager, Ned Brockmeyer, will be running our youth camps. Ned has all of his child work clearances, Adult and Pediatric CPR, and First Aid Training. Ned will be assisted by local high school students who are paid Youth Farm Program Assistants for the summer camps.


About the Youth Farm Program


Serving as a vehicle for youth education and development, the Youth Farm at Hilltop Urban Farm engages school-aged children from the Hilltop communities with food production and teamwork. Partnering with the Pittsburgh Arlington School, Lighthouse Central, and the New Academy Charter School, the Youth Farm acts as a living agricultural and ecological laboratory for children. It promotes the teaching of Nutrition & Cooking, Growing Food, Local Food Systems, Agriculture as a Career Pathway, and Ecology of Western Pennsylvania through the lens of urban farming with the support of program partners Penn State Extension, Allegheny Land Trust Education Department, Power Up, and Grow Pittsburgh.

All elements of the Youth Farm are visually appealing, colorful, child-friendly and scaled to size. Children can expect to learn, play and interact among raised bed growing areas, youth gardens, a youth orchard and a youth food forest.



"We have to bring children into a new relationship to food that connects them to culture and agriculture."

- Alice Waters